Saturday, June 15

La Sportiva Solutions

I used to think that Solutions were only for the V9+ climbers. That I, being old, fat, and, most importantly, WEAK!, do not deserve such shooz. And then I destroyed my second pair of miuras on Master Bates - they are still wearable (and I'll wear them for a long time from now on) - and I went to Canada.

In Canada I went to MEC, mostly to buy tiles for D. , but also to check out some shooz. And check them I did. I bought two pairs for D. and I bought a pair for me as well. I bought La Sportivas again, mainly because I think that La Sportiva (as a brand of shoes) is God's gift to climbers. And I bought Solutions, because the moment I put them on they went "Slurrp!" and sucked my feet in. My eyes bulged a bit (they were a bit tight), but the subsequent wear proved to me that I had found soulmates for my feet.

At the point of purchase, the Solutions were the most expensive piece of gear I had ever bought (with the exception of the tent) (Of course, I went on and bought a down suit so yeah, hm ...). I will probably never climb V9. And I will never do these shooz justice. I will probably, treasure and respect them as they deserve: I wore them twice and each time I brushed them before putting them back in!


Natalie Potter said...

AMAZING!!! V9+ here you come!!!!

Anonymous said...

You will do V9 before me :D -jensen

claudia said...

hahaha yeah I'm sure Jensen! And Nat, the path to V9 comes with V5s and V6s - I want to consolidate at this grade first!