Saturday, June 29

Grampians trip - numero 7

I am not sure if this is my seventh Grampians trip or my eighth, but I have decided that it's my seventh, for two main reasons:
a) seven is just so much better than eight
b) I feel much better when saying that I've done only seven trips to the Grampians (and still have not sent Master Bates) than saying that I've done eight trips and still have not sent it.

Anyway. This trip was part of what Marian thinks is my sekrit plan to kill him: it rained very heavily on the way in but then we had absolutely gorgeous weather: cold but dry and sunny!!!

We explored Kindergarten on Saturday where N. got on Spanking the monkey bars (V8) and I tried A Horse is a horse (V4).

It is a really really nice problem, starting waay low under in the little cave and then continuing with a biiiiig move to the left

followed by a hook match affair on this rail:

I nearly sent it, whereby "nearly" I mean that I did but I dabbed a bit as N. had lifted the mat to catch my fall.

I couldn't repeat it as it felt very tiring ...

The next day Marian sent Lygon Street Massacre, only six months after declaring it impossible! I got on the send train but got off before it reached the Master bates station ... Sigh. Nevertheless, the trip was a success: I got on Wimmel Friedof, probably the best V5 in the Grampians, I now know what i need to do for Master Bates, and I nearly sent A horse is a horse! Progress!! ROAR!!

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