Friday, September 13


As with most addictive personalities*, it takes me a while to quit. And, in most cases, the quitting process is painful, and it takes a long time for me to let go (read: unclench my fists from the objects/people/hobbies of my obsession/attention). Once I DO let go and move on, I move on completely and, in most cases, nothing can make me go back.

Things I've finally quit on:

  • smoking
  • hard alcohol
  • bad coffee (note that this excludes Teh Tarik, for many reasons, including the fact that it's a tea)
  • window seats on planes
  • some students (if I've repeated something for 21 weeks and said students have consistently ignored me, I will eventually stop caring)
  • one hour connections in US airports
  • overnight trains or buses
  • bad books - that is, books that do not get me excited by page 130
  • reading reports, papers or articles with consistent bad spelling and grammar (life's too short, really)
  • running with injuries (mainly because I can't anymore)
  • climbing with injuries (see above) 

* also called stubborn, pig-headed, egotistical, A-type, anal, controlling etc.

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