Thursday, September 12

The over-thirty problem

... is that you realize just how precious your back is and want to protect it.

So. I bought a pweety pweety messenger bag for myself about a year or so ago. It was pweety! and cute! and small!

It was pweety, right?!

Anyway, if you put in it:

  • a laptop
  • a charger
  • all sorts of connectors
  • a wallet
  • a phone
  • one ipad
  • three notebooks (research, teaching, misc)
  • five pens
  • one ebook reader (I read a lot!)
  • one book (for the times when you are taking off/landing and no ebooks are permitted)
  • keys
  • a coin bag
  • at least five mandarins or five pieces of fruit, because of cors
... the messenger bag becomes too small and, most importantly, IS DAMN HEAVY. Or maybe it's not heavy and I'm too old already for carrying all this around on one shoulder instead of padded delicious goodness! On both shoulders. 

San finally saved me from an early grave when I gave her my bag to hold (while I was sekretly trying on stuff) and she explained to me why I was getting shoulder pain. I've already sprained my neck while I turned to the back seat of the car to get something. I. AM. NOT. YOUNG. ANYMORE.


DamienW said...

Time to buy new daypack/summit bag. Will also be useful in EspaƱa. Trust an old man with shoulder/neck issues.

claudia said...

It's terrible! San BOUGHT me a workpack - the best thing in the world for office dayz ...

san said...

haha.. did you know your new bag is called "vegetable from inside the mountain"?