Tuesday, September 24

San and I will go on a cruise

... When we're sixty or so. Here's our schedule for our fourteen day cruise:

Day 2: we start an internal pull-up competition 
Day 3: we finish all the books we had brought with us. We start running around the ship anti-clockwise.
Day 4: we sneak into the kitchen and relieve the cook of some utensils 
Day 5: the challenge for today is to replace salt with sugar in all the salters in the dining room
Day 7: we turn blanditarian and puritanian: we inform the cook that our food cannot have salt or oil and at it cannot be touched by human hands
Day 8: today we switch all the name cards in the dining room
Day 10: we change the running direction to clockwise
Day 11: our pull up competition goes ship wise: losers have to jump ship
Day 12: we have finished reading the labels off all objects on the ship
Day 13: the captain moves us to the lifeboats, where we re-enact life of Pi
Day 14: we see the shore and jump, realizing only when it's too late that San can't swim. Wait. Neither can I.

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