Monday, February 19

Chinese New Year day 2

I cook, therefore I am. I finally managed to do some cooking today! I cooked: bread crumbed chicken breast with baked potatoes for marian and teriyaki chicken with steamed rice and steamed kang kong with garlic sauce for me!! It was amazingly relaxing (i.e. TIRING)!!! I also managed to get the two dishes done almost at the same time, which is quite a feat considering that our stove has only two burners ... It was quite an implementation of a distributed algorithm, I would say :)

I also found out two important things:
1. In order to steam the rice you also have to boil it first, otherwise it will take AGES for it to be steamed - i boiled another bowl of rice and discarded the one in the steamer in the end, you can imagine how the kitchen looked like!
2. If you leave the kang kong leaves in the steamer for too long, they will loose all their color and become mushy and not so good - i had two versions of kang kong: one mushy and one not so mushy. I also improved the garlic sauce by adding tons and tons of garlic (andreas once said that we romanians would put garlic in pies if we could)

You can see the portrait of the chicken teriyaki. Luckily I remebered to take a picture before eating it all up!

Later edit: Marian complained that i did not take a picture of his dish also and requested that i cook again, take pictures and blog. Soo funny!!!

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