Thursday, February 22

What I do at night

So the story is this: there is this romanian book called "Toate Panzele Sus!" by Radu Tudoran - it's one of the first travelling and adventure books that i have ever read and it sort of spiked up my imagination and made me the compulsive traveller that i am today. I won't go around to tell you what it is all about but the bottom line is that this guy ends up travelling around the word on a ship, following Magellan's route. He fights pirates and all that, falls in love, you know, the perfect recipe for a childhood adventure book.

Anyhow, m., as being the first romanian to ever go around the world in a yacht under romanian pavilion, wants to follow the route that the ship took in the book, and document the whole trip. Quite exciting i would say ... Marian and i are trying to put up a web site for him. It will be housed here - right now only the intro is really working (still alpha though). I am experiencing biig problems because i dun know how to turn a .psd into a nice (i.e that will load up fast) web site - this version that we have right now is quite unsatissfactory (it kinda sucks) - we used Fireworks(tm) for all the button links, but it makes soooo many little gifs (or jpgs) that are quite annoying to watch when loading. Last night around 3 am marian had this idea of using "map" tags, but it was too late for it. I'll give it another shot tonite though.

LATER EDIT: Marian convinced himself that his idea sucks (as i said in the first place, mind you), so we're now back to building the website by hand from scratch, importing layers from the .psd files into gifs and then putting them in the html. Cool! Just didn't get a chance on working on it last night, cause i injured my knee climbing.

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