Friday, May 11

Mastercard moment

  1. Plane ticket to Buenos Aires: 2900 SGD (1450 Euro)

  2. Plane ticket from Buenos Aires to Santiago: unknown 80USD without tax, return

  3. Number of stops: 4 - Kuala Lumpur, Johannesburg, Cape Town, Buenos Aires

  4. Number of days spent travelling in and out: approximately 3 per trip

  5. Me with a stupid grin on my face holding the reservation slip: PRICELESS!!!

P.S Please excuse the dark circles under my eyez: IR is very tiredz. Also excuse the strong color of my t-shirt: IR wants to wakes up everybodyz in the labz!


Mariana said...

That's a lot of money! But it's going to be worth I'm sure
(you woke me up too)

claudia said...

Ha ha! It does have the desired effect, i knew it!! As for the moneyz ... i gotta start saving... [I always say that, but I never start!]