Thursday, July 2

Wild life. Livin' it behind ur back

This is probably one of my best pics ever (click to enlarge). On our last day mom and I took the advice of some utter idiot and walked about 20 km. The plan was to trek to this small mountain and back. But you see, americans have absolutely no sense of distances (i guess because their ass is in their cars most of the time) so when somebody draws you a map and says that it's close (when you ask if you can walk for it), they mean it's close IF YOU HAVE A CAR! Eh, nonetheless the trip was not wasted because I managed to capture this. I initially saw this deer in the woods when he/she jumped in some bushes but I could feel that s/he wanted to cross the street so I turned and waited and there it was. It all lasted about 20 seconds and 4 frames but it was great! (In part, one of the reasons i didn't go fuming back to the idiot to tell her that we walked for over 20 km and we didn't even get to the bloody lodge she mentioned)

The sights were very nice though.

The iron concoctions that you see are the ski jump ramps.

Our destination was the smaller hill in the foreground. I think.

We spiked up our asphalt trek by walking on the river boulders (my mother is 55 years young by the way)

All in all, a lovely thing to do on our last day in Lake Placid.

PS. Now that I am back in Singapore I have to quarantine for 1 week. I hate it and am in the process of banging my head on the walls. I hate being inside and moreover, being forced to stay inside. Pfft.


san said...

CLAUD! so glad u're back! 7 days quarantine eh? hang in there! look fwd to the climbing!

dor said...

-pats back- no worries honey..u are one tough cookie... what's a 7day quarantine to u!!!! (BAKE)

claudia said...

yeah looking forward to the climbing, what else can i do?

RME said...

I think the best photo is the last. : P It's a little hard to place you in the space to the jump looks... amazing! :D

How does the quarantine thing works? You have to stay at home? How do they enforce it? ;-)

claudia said...

Well I have to quarantine myself and stay at home. It's horrible because I can't willingly stay indoors and also I can't work from home (i guess it's because i don't have a desk like i do in school). They don't enforce it anymore but what they used to do was to install a camera and check if you are home (if the camera didn't work they would send a policeman). Pfft.