Wednesday, August 19

The Cupcrimpch

Yesterday's climbing session was not light. I would say it was hard, but there wasn't anything specifically hard that we did. We just did endurance sets (two sets of one easy endurance route and one hard endurance route) and then we free climbed. I don't know if it was the fact that we rushed through our endurance sets in order not to inconvenience people in the super packed gym or the fact that we are out of endurance shape (Ahem), but afterwards we were super pumped and believe it or not, my forearms ache today.

Next I set some crazy route that only Sandra could do and then she set some crazy route that only she could do (notice pattern here?). On my route there was this tile that was not really a sloper, not really a crimp and not really a pinch (and was shit!) so the only way to hold it was to super tension and kinda cup it while you crimp it while you pinch it with your thumb. And so, a new word was born by Sandra's mouth: CUPCRIMPCH! So in order to hold that tile, you must cupcrimpch it! I dare you to say that fast :)

I am looking forward to friday when hopefully the gym will be less packed - I am hoping that all caucasians (except me, ha!) will go clubbing on friday night and drink their brains off as it is their stereotype. Climbing in a small gym full of people you do not know gives one a weird, caged, feeling. But then among the clouds of chalk (somebody used loose chalk, cough! cough!) you see friendly well-known faces (charlene, cherlyn, daniel!, vincent, san, jensen, adrian) and things are not so bad after all.


san said...

oh my sky! u managed to spell it.haha.

Vincent said...

sorry i wasnt there today! i climbed ytd. HARD.

here's wad i did.
hmmm i did a tiny bit of endurance, then i went upstairs, put on 20kg of weights and did 5 sets of: 5 chin ups and 5 sec hangs.

and i am joining them at yishun tmr!

claudia said...

whoa vincent, good one! watch your fingers though, ok?

Vincent said...

100 odd KG on my fingers is no easy feat ok!