Monday, August 24


With the end of the year come new resolutions and more importantly, new plans! Like Christmas and New Year's and where-do-we-spend-all-our-money-next plans. Again no more shopping (except window shopping) for me. Again backpacking through MacRitchie reservoir - at night too because that will be when we will have time (there's a "we" in there so at least I will not be alone). A lot of extra days in the lab to make up for all those days spent in the wilderness (mind you, the days are my leave days, but GUILT is an evil bitch).

Dec 20 - Jan 4 Trekking in New Zealand woo hoo! Dusky Track and Kepler Track most probably [Picture is Tripod Hill from Dusky Track - Copyright Ruahine Tramper - flickr set here.]

April 2010 Annapurna Circuit Trek yay!

The pictures are just wonderful but I bet they don't do justice to the real thing. I can't wait to find out :)


shuhui said...

aaah claud i love your photos how i wish i could go backpacking like you're doing! maybe when i earn big bucks i'll quit my job and enjoy going around Asia first. :)
anyway, don't clip up your bangs! be proud of them ;p

claudia said...

I would not clip my bangs if we could reach an agreement and they would agree to STAY OUT OF MY EYES :))

nita said...

looks amazing claud!

shuhui said...

HAHA! that's the whole point of bangs! will sweep them aside when i'm done with them!