Sunday, August 30

Smart guys can't run

[in general]

So. One of my students from a couple of sems ago asked me to join the Inter-faculty games, specifically the Road Race. It's a 2.2 km uphill route that each faculty team has to do 6 times. There are 3 guys and 3 girls in each team. Now, because I never can say NO to a challenge (the more preposterous the better), I subsequently TRIED to wiggle my way out of it. Like after the Army half marathon when my ankle was acting up and I met said student in the canteen, I suddenly started limping and told him with a sad face that my ankle is injured and thus I can't train. To which of course he replied: "No problem lah, there's no pressure on the girls ..." HARUMPH?! And thus I kept running hills these past weeks to keep myself from sudden death by shortness of breath a.k.a beached whale syndrome (II).

And so we come to this Saturday morning. Woke up at 7 am after going to sleep at 2. This is because my chinese flatmate entertained 2 girls until that time ... I don't know what he told them or what he did to them but they were laughing their heads off until 2am... when ms grumpy here went to ask them to please shut their face up (not her exact words) because I NEED TO SLEEP (not really in caps).

To make a long story short, I thought I would not enjoy the race because of the lack of sleep but I DID! I even surprised myself by running the distance in 10 minutes or so, not bad for an old geezer on an uphill route! Unfortunately, I think we were second last, having beaten the fluffy University Scholars Program runners by a couple of minutes or so. Ah well, what can I say about them? Smart guys can't run! At least this kind of association would suggest to the unaware that we are smart too! Arts and Social Sciences got a well deserved first place (I will abstain from commenting on this one).

The weekend was totally fucked up running-wise when, after stuffing my face on Saturday with noodles and carbs to ensure maximum performance during the Run NUS run, I ended up queueing on Sunday for 1hr 20 minutes (ONE HOUR TWENTY MINUTES) to register, only to be met by a 4 hour storm when I was 1 hour into the queueing. I was so pissed for queueing for so long that I left after half an hour or so and never looked back. Run NUS was dear to me because last year I was third and got a lot of tampons as prize (no, I didn't need another yearly supply thankyouverymuch) and I always laughed about it because I never win anything, but when I do ... Well ... Anyhow, I guess ONE HOUR AND TWENTY MINUTES of queueing definitely cures one from any fondness whatsoever. Plus, all the unspent carbs are probably on their way to my ass right now so I would like to thank the Run NUS organizers (and the storm!) for this. And to the carbs, happy layering guys!


shuhui said...

I slept through sunday morning and didn't go for nus run too! i just liked the singlet. :)

claudia said...

ha ha! I actually looked for you to prevent me from leaving! :))

san said...

oh man.running.blurke.bad for ur knees, bad for ur ankles.just sit and mr potato.haha.or roll ard. :D hope u had fun climbing on sunday!

claudia said...

yeah, i'll try rolling next time :)) Climbing was ok, but bouldering is still too hard for my friends :)