Wednesday, August 26

Daily sports news

Claudia Ass-a-Lot and Marian Tum-a-Flab have tried to start running seriously yesterday. Here's what Ass-a-Lot, a budding not-so-young athlete from Romania has to say:

Alas, we could only manage 2 big hills, the clementi road hill and the Central library hill and some other small ones in between. We met Nita right at the top of the Clementi hill and of course we told her that we were doing the big route - we didn't ha! Unfortunately, I just could not phantom doing the PGP hill and the Central Library hill again so I called it quits right where the route was closer to our home (ha ha, smart). In my defense, I was super duper tired from all the long physical activities of the past few days. Hell, I wanted to carry a water bottle for Mr. Tum-a-Flab but my biceps were numb from the PT on monday (even though, by normal monday PT standards, it was not that hardd!) and all i wanted to do during the run was to throw the damn thing away. And of course once I had this thing bugging me I could not find any rhythm at all other than "wheez-hum-wheez-hum-are-we-there-yet-are-we-there-yet" and then I started to notice my ankle, and maybe my knee hurt, and it all went downhill from there. Figuratively speaking of course because it was still going uphill. I quit when we were close to Kent Ridge Terminal but I would not have Marian use me as an excuse so I urged him to continue.

Tum-a-Flab managed to run 10 minutes longer than Ass-a-Lot, a clear indication that a big ass is more cumbersome than a flabby tummy.


san said...

haha... hilarious post.ass-a-lot!stop running with a bad ankle.otherwise u wld be sit-a-lot-becos-of-bad-ankle and ur fat will start accumalating. then u wld be fhumongous-ass-a-lot...hahaha.

claudia said...

so now you see the Ass-a-lot's dilemma, if i dun run the fat will pile, but if i do run i have a good chance to end up like you said... that's why i am only running small distances :)