Monday, November 30

Cambodia I - Temples

Well this is going to be a photo filled post so bear with me. The temples in Angkor were amazing and without further ado, here they go:

1. Bayon (57 guards at the entrance of the complex, one for each Khmer province)

Bodhisattva faces:

Acting stoopid at the window:

Some more smiley, serene faces:

Garuda face:


Bayon gallery:

Love the colors on this one:

Warm Buddha

2. Ta Keo

3. Ta Prohm


4. Angkor Wat [sunrise - of course it rained]:

5. Banteay Srei - the best decorated one

Curtained window:

Doors are made for Sandra and Doris :))

6. Angkor Wat again:

Apsara (dancer) detail:

7. Sunset

8. Ta Som

9. Artisan center

My friend enjoying the views:

As usual, more pics here.


san said...

Hey!i sense an insult..pfft..anyway.i like the pic of the window or door or watever tt and white!above ur comment of doors meant for me and pretty.

claudia said...

yeah me too! I have like a zilion pics with galleries and windows like that :)

dorlin said...

TSK just because you are an angmoh and you are taller than us doesn't mean you can compare us to an asian door! TSK.

anyway crazy angmoh, durians soon? But maybe only after I'm back from chiangmai, since I'm jetting away on sunday? :/

claudia said...

Doris!! LUCKY!!!!!!! 18th or 19th?