Monday, December 13


Yay! Happy to say that I kept my promise to myself and finished 42.195 km yesterday at East Coast Park.

Here's me looking all confident before the run: [or, as Jensen puts it: "a fashion disaster"]

This is what I really felt, of course:

Had horrible heat. But also amazing sunsets:

Marian was on a bicycle with water and food. Around the 23km mark, Sandra and Doris joined us. The three of them rode those cycles until their butts were sore. THANKS!

Doris managed to take a photo of me while cycling!! I consider this an amazing feat since I cannot ride without both my hands (and also I cannot turn right).

And so did Marian!

Marian ran the last 5 km with me, providing the necessary tempo: "left right left; left right left" - it was the best thing ever because since the 32km mark I was running on pure willpower. We both look spent:

And finally!!! The girls got me a finisher's pack!!! I didn't know what it was but Doris was saying: "It is something you want!" so of course I would have bet my life it was durian! But! It was something better! A foot spa! Materialized in the form of a pair Birkenstocks! The most comfortable thing my feet could ask for!

After that, a well deserved dinner where we were joined by Jensen - I actually hugged him and his white T-shirt although I was as sweaty as in the pic:

Next year, I am running a registered and payed marathon because I do not want to put my friends through this again ... In the quiet words of Sandra: "I didn't know East Coast Park was soo long" ...


ionuca said...

You, my dear, are CRAZY!!!!!! :)

Wow, congrats again.

san said...

hahah..did u know east coast park is 15km long? given that u did a 10km lap? there was 5km more tt we didnt see..haha..we cld go again nx year.. oh wait..tts in 18 days time!

claudia said...

zomg 5 km more?! I think it continued where we turned back at the green fence. @ionuca, thanks!