Monday, December 20

In which I get what I deserve

Those that climb with me or that have known me for a longer while know that during my (many) idle moments I like to sing. And while sometimes I may make it and sing out of tune, more often than not my singing is actually a shriek. I do know the lyrics of the songs I am shrieking so I guess this actually makes it worse for those unlucky enough ro have no place to hide- and yes, I have been asked by people not to sing along to some of their fav songs.

Anyway, todayi was heading to the gym for a quickie when I passed the other gym - with the weights - and I heard Bon jovi's "I'll be there for you". So I open my mouth to shriek sing, when a very BIG fly flies into my mouth and I swallow it.

The End


san said...


ionuca said...

:)))))))) Sorry to say this, but it made my day! :))))

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry :)

claudia said...

Why thank u all.

dor said...

hahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahhahahaha! oh dear!!!!