Sunday, December 19

I think I am getting old

Believe it or not even my anti-social me used to love to go to parties and such, especially if they involved food! Well, last night I tried, I really tried, but after going to a party (2 hours early, albeit) at 6pm (it started at 8), by 10:30 pm I was ready (and I mean READY) to go to sleep. So I hang in there for a little while longer and then we left. We reached home and then spend another 3 hours just reading in bed on our respective devices: e-book readers, ipads, etc. However, most people when they get older tend to lose sleep or eat less. I dare say I still need my 8-10 hours of sleep almost every night, and as for the food, well, we know already how I stand on that.

That being said, there's another party we have to go to tonite and (despite the yummy food I know the host will cook), it's still retiring to the quiet of my room that is the most appealing. Pretty soon I am going to start talking with "in my time" and "when i was younger" and "kids these days"... Wait! I already do!

On a totally unrelated manner, our trip to Nepal and the subsequent upload of the zillions of pictures on flickr and picasa has sprouted a new set on Flickr, namely, "Room with a view". I have always wanted to collect something so I have finally found it: I am going to collect great views from our hotel room or hotel. Below is what i have so far.

2 comments: said...

I am filled with envy when I read your blog. I wish I was able to enjoy the world like you do. You are a very lucky woman.
Happy Holidays!

claudia said...

Welcome and Happy holidays to you too!