Saturday, December 11

A marathon a year

Tomorrow I am going to put my feet where my mouth is and run my yearly marathon as promised. I did not join Standard Chartered nor Sundown this year, so I am going to run by myself, with Marian as my cycling support team, in East Coast Park. My run will start at 3:30 and will end god knows when.

Before, my marathons have always been about 60% training and 40% willpower, but I think this year it is about 20% training and 80% willpower.

As such, I am scared.

Before, the thought of a free finisher's t-shirt (to wear with pride) kept me going the last few km. This year, it's gonna be about the dinner.

As such, I am scared.


dor said...


Anyway, what's the route gonna be like? Any map details or whatsoever so san and I will know where to find you/ cycle to you/ ??? to you? :)

RME said...

All the best!

RalucaM said...

Yay! This is such a great idea! I can't wait for the blog post after the finish line :). Good luck!