Sunday, December 11

Great Ocean Road - Part II - Shipwreck beach

Or maybe wreck beach, I really can't remember. But what really matters is how amazingly beautiful that beach was. Especially after that wet day and night. We walked from Ryan's Den to Devil's Kitchen and spent at least an hour on this beach. It was beautiful!!

We walked and talked and gazed and opened our eyes BEEG BEEG and truly loved it. The tide was low and there were these little pot holes filled with water.

There were some anchors on the beach, hence the name.

The sky was overcast but there were occasional moments of bright light.

And then we missed the turn off the beach and reached Devil's Kitchen. There were some abalone poachers there (a family of three, two adults and a kid) and they were very nice in letting us know that we were lost. Good thing they were not nice in hitting us with their diving belt. Devil's kitchen looked really really rough - actually, I was surprised about the names, because australian names are really not that original.

As we were walking up F.'s knee started acting up and we had to take it really really slow (but more about this in the next post).

We reached Devil's Kitchen at around 7pm and put our stuff to dry [again]. This night was much better than the previous one, and we had an early one because we had to get up early the next day.

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