Sunday, December 11

New Year

It has been one of those years where you know it was a fantastic year but you can't exactly say why. Wait! It was the year I finally finished my phd, got married and! Moved away to a totally different country, in the far reaches of the universe. The year started with a fantastic climb up Kinabalu and a more ferocious downclimb. Then there was the phd defense and the job interviews and the choice. And then we got married and had a fantastic grad trip and honeymoon with the girls in Europe. And then I moved to the land far far away where I am battling depression and loneliness. I meet fantastic climbers and made new friends. Also, joined a fantastic school with fabulous people, so don't start feeling sorry for me :) life is still good even though sometimes you have to grab her by the shoulders and spit between her eyes.

I am building friendships, some more complicated than others, and exploring the Australian landscape. Climbing, running, and socializing are my weapons against depression and loneliness, and so far, they have worked, although what I really really need is a hug and a cuddle.

In these past six months I have been slowly learning how it is to actually work in a workplace - read: I need to start to censor myself a bit!! I am also learning tons about myself - the bonus of alone time I guess. More importantly, I am discovering slowly what I want to do with myself for the next fifty years or so.

If it feels like I'm rambling, it's because I am. I have this feeling that in this past year life lived me, rather than me live it. Hence the resolutions below. This coming year, I want to*:
1. Read at least a book every 2 weeks
2. Spend quality quality time with both old and new friends. I am slowly coming to two realizations - happiness must be shared & my friends are great!
3. Avoid injury and climb 7a.
4. Finish six foot track marathon safely.
5. Climb mount cook.
6. Spend quality time with Marian, such that we recover from living by ourselves.

*[later edit] and yes, they can all be summed up as: I JUST WANNA HAVE FUN!


ionuca said...

Your resolutions sound very grown-upish :) I hope you'll fulfill them.

claudia said...

yeah ionuca, i sound grown up when i am jet lagged! Normally I guess all those resolutions would be summed up as: I JUST WANNA HAVE FUN!