Friday, March 1

Xia Yu

I've been hoping. Hoping and hoping and hoping that it will rain so much next week that Six Foot Track Marathon will get canceled. Canceled such that I don't have to run, but not canceled for the rest of the nutters out there that really want to run this. And, more importantly, that have actually trained for this. Cause I know I haven't! Well, at least not like I wanted to.

Canceled such that I can dash for the grampians and enjoy the long weekend.

Canceled such that I can actually give my lectures rather than have somebody replace me.

Canceled such that I don't fail miserably on it and get depressed all over again. To be honest, I'm kind of sick of (my) failures.

And then a sadistic, masochistic part of me wants it not to get canceled. Probably for the same reasons that I joined in the first place. Bah.

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