Monday, August 5

Clearly I need more coffee

Today is the day when I formally apologise to people that have been listening to my recorded lectures: I do not make any sense and I am sooo sorry! I wonder if this explains why some students fail my courses?!! AAARGH!!!!

Here are some quotes from today's lecture (a student posted them on Fbook):

  • Today I'm going to talk about rainbows
  • We can talk about rainbows in the review lecture
  • Do you know this story? Of course not, I haven't told it to you.
  • (when talking about map reduce): A flock of elephants ... Did I just say a flock of elephants?!
  • Multi-threaded programming is like killing Cerberus: you need to kill all of these three heads (signals/wait, race conditions, deadlock). You need to be like Hercules...." *teeth shine* "you also need to have shiny teeth."
Dear me. Clearly I need more coffee. Clearly, climbing a muerte in yesterday's competition did not help either. zzz. dead. 

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