Sunday, August 11

Monkey surprise!

Battles have been fought over women but wars have been fought over tamarind!!

We were just sitting there, chilaxing on Pra Nang beach after a hard day of climbing (snort!), enjoying the tamarind I had just bought from a nearby stand. It was delicious!!

A bunch of monkeys appeared from nowhere and started walking on the beach. When I say a couple I mean a fucking pack of the nasty little brats. I would normally not say that were it not for the events that followed.

So here we were, sitting on the beach, chillaxing and eating tamarind. The monkeys, fuelled by the idiots that fed them, confidently approached our chillaxing and eating tamarind location. Sandra got up ready to move away. I was packing up the remaining tamarind and putting it in one of the backpack's pockets, but had still not left our chillaxind and eating tamarind location.

Practically out of nowhere (not really), a monkey confidently approached the backpack and headed straight for the pocket with the tamarind, bypassing everything else (mosquito coil, guide book, brush).


No! says I to Sandra. And, to the monkey: MINE!!

I grab the backpack (Deuter 38 l if you must) and whack the monkey on the head.

Mine! I say again to the surprised monkey as I put the backpack on my back and leave, probably entering history as the first tourist who fought a monkey over sweet and spicy tamarind.

[Later edit]: The look on the monkey's face was priceless as well: I reckon it did not expect so much resilience from two female tourists, but we (whereby "we" I mean "I") showed her!


san said...

hahahahahh! OMG! i totally forgot about that hilarious fight over tamarind.. hahhahahh! you forgot to say marian was shouting at us to get our asses off the mat while we just sat there and told him.. don't worry..

claudia said...

Yeah, I was trying to make him look good :)

claudia said...

Yeah, I was trying to make him look good :)

Anonymous said...

Well, you forgot that on monkey approach I left with the food trash, becoming a target (I forgot about the tamarind). The other monkeys came for me and I had to throw them one.