Thursday, August 1

The stationery monster is back again

As a stationery freak, one of the advantages of having lots and lots of students is that you can check out their writing gear, and then, sometimes, ask to try stuff out.

Enter the mostamazingfountainpenthativeseeninawhilecanihaveitplease?!!please?!! fountain pen, which I tried recently, while trying to find something to reward myself for recent successes (mind you, they are not exactly my successes, but still, I will tag along anytime!). So I tried the mostamazingfountainpenthativeseeninawhilecanihaveitplease?!!please?!! yesterday and really loved it, as the name implies. Not only that, but I really really loved the ink that was in it as well.

So I figured, FINE! I will not buy the mostamazingfountainpenthativeseeninawhilecanihaveitplease?!!please?!! yet, I will wait until I am really depressed by something or somebody, and THEN buy it. Nevertheless, perhaps the ink is within my reach!

So I ask said student about where can one find the ink - I try the suggested website and of course, they don't have it anymore. Other websites do store it but it would take eons (2 weeks) to get it, and I want it yesterday! I ask for other websites and get links that describe other inks, but not specifically the one I had tried.  Obsessive much? But surely this is normal?! Surely there are other people out there that need their writing (ok, fine, climbing as well) instruments to be exactly to spec? And to be delivered before they actually know that they really really want it?

Sigh. First world problems. No  mostamazingfountainpenthativeseeninawhilecanihaveitplease?!!please?!! for me thankyouverymuch. No really really awesome ink either. damn.

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