Monday, August 26

I am not a vainpot

- Doris Lin, I'm looking at you! -

So, I'm here in Singapore to teach. This involves teaching weekend intensives that last, you got it, for the entire weekend plus Friday night. This means that I have to teach on Friday for 3 hours, on Saturday for 6 hours, and on Sunday for 7-8 hours, straight. With a lunch break on Sunday and probably 10 mins breaks every other hour or so. If I have to teach, I really have to stand because I'm not the tallest human being out there, so students can't. see. me. (all you tall readers out there - and yes, this means the fucking whole internet - stop chuckling RIGHT NOW!) I also like to move around a lot so I really really need to stand.

On Friday night I wore my formal black pumps, with a bit of heel. Teaching + a late night (11:30pm) walk to Ippudo (DELICIOUS RAMEN!) and back cured me of the formal black pumps and their tiny heel. I took them off right before reaching my hotel because THE PAIN could no longer listen to THE VANITY. And I swore not to wear them again in hot weather for fucks sake.

On Saturday I lowered my standards and wore formal academic wear (snort!) with canvas pumps, because yeah, I love my feet. Still, late night dinner and walk around with San and I was dying again.

On Sunday, I still wore formal academic wear (snort!) and my Birks, because fuck yeah I love my feet. I will be wearing Birks for the entire week, regardless of what clothes I wear. Birks FTW!

That being said, I don't understand how I can put my feet in 2-sizes smaller Solutions for ages and die when I'm wearing pumps. Hm.

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