Monday, November 17


BIRTHDAY!!!! To Marian!!! Woohoo!! happie 27th (a nice odd, cube number too!)!!!!

Ran about 20 clicks yesterday for Marian's birthday. It was a "ok" run. We got to see Orchard and North Bridge Road full (and I mean FULL) of hookers and drunk people [puking]. A different sight from your normal, septic Singapore. At Clark Quay we even saw a police team by the side of the road. They were watching the hookers on the other side, not doing anything. The hookers were watching them too. Hey, do you think we walked into a stare-down?! Would hate for that to happen!!

The best thing was watching the sunrise from the Merlion. Really really nice and peaceful. This was our last big run before the standard chartered marathon on the 7th of december. Would have wanted it to be longer, but we were tired and cranky, and hell, bored! so we put the run to sleep around harbour front. Had a drink and dried up, then took the bus home to a nice breakfast cooked by yours truly.

Later lunch and movie with our friends, hanging out and laughing. Talking with mom in the evening and frantically searching for our house key which we forever lost apparently.

Weekends, I like.


tickorcrossthebox said...



claudia said...

yup. I love the rain!!! (from warm, safe indoors that is).
Random is 4231 :P

dor said...

nonono random is 2893612897453278496132!!@&*#*&!!.

being totally random now. i mean it's barely 30 min since I last saw you and I'm commenting again.

yours truely, randomness.

(trying to get back to studying)

Gri said...

Happy birthday Sheep!!!!! :))

Marian Mihailescu said...

:) thanks moose