Wednesday, November 19

Totally shacked

Climbed today from 09:30am (exactly) till 11:10 am (exactly). Did 20 minutes ARC around the gym with 20 minutes rest. Would not have been able to make it past the first set without the company of San, Dor, and Teck Chew. It's amazing how the presence and absence of people can influence a training session. Now I am totally sapped, my forearms and biceps (do they really exist?) are still quasi-pumped. It is definitely not the best time to start strengthening my Related Work section. My supervisor says it needs to be stronger. Titanium? How can i strengthen something when i'm so weak? [enter here 5 minutes of self pity].

Wanted to write something smarttt todae but i. just. can't.

Forgot to mention the elusive presence of Jiasheng who stopped by just to watch us bicker and bully Doris. And also to make me chase him barefoot, but the story about that particular revenge will be the subject of another post :)


Anonymous said...

I tot my presence would emit some aura to make u climb stronger.

But u didnt mention me. Came down for u leh.


dor said...

honey you are definitely strong, in fact you are one of the strongest woman I've met, honestly. Not saying this to humour you, I mean it. :)

Looking forward to perlis (but not looking forward to you and san bullying me :( ) jkjk. love the 2 of you loads still ok haha.

san said...

whao claud.. someone's jealous.. u better edit ur post soon!

claudia said...

I can't believe i forgot js ... Maybe because initially i just thought i heard him and then "poof!" he was there!!! woohoo!!