Thursday, November 6

News in the geek world

  • Dumbo aka TickCross aka CrossTick learned about perfect numbers!! After she learns about Fermat's last theorem, maybe we can talk about the greatest number in history ... 42 ... And we could then figure out how my Nike+ sensor functions.

  • Marian got his SSD hard drive today!! An early birthday and XMas present from all of us (this is the problem with geeks, you'd better not surprise them if instead you can share the burden of a expensive gadget)

  • The deadline for the software engineering project I am supervising is tomorrow. My students are marveling me with their unfounded confidence in their programming skills. All would have been much easier if they had started coding early and would have asked me stuffs.

  • Windows 3.x era is over. For most of us (not me, I had System 7.0. Snob!!) it was our first graphical/windows based operating system. One of the most stable Windows versions, too!

1 comment:

hola chiquita estas muy bonita said...

hola chiquita, what's the relation (if any) with fermat's last theorem (read about it already) and number 42?

after my exams, we find a day and sit down and spin while talking about numbers okay! :D (can envision the rolling of eyes hahaha)

patience tutor szabo, yodalikepatience. if you get heated up i'll have to exercise my huge ears again.