Friday, April 19


I'm sitting here in the dark with my iPad and thinking that I've neglected this space for so long and that it just won't do: not when I tell students that are struggling with writing that they should write on their blog haha

And I do want to talk about many things that are zipping through my brain at lightning speed (I now know why people drink! ) but nothing sticks around for long to make it into a full blown post.

About how well I used to draw when I was a kid. But then my mom said that I should focus on school and forget the doodling-which I did and thank god for that- I was not that fantastic. But then I look at this career of mine and wonder if I'm any good at it and if it's worth it, really. Why not give it up and just do some job from 9-5, get some money and then go climbing. Or just forget about it all and go climbing. Go back home, teach in my old high school and climb all the limestone in the world that I would need, and then some. Visit my favourite place and pet the dogs while they are still alive.

And then there are all these mountains that are looming in my future, like little carrots at the end of a little stick. And I wonder. Why not just stop training. Forget about loosing all that stupid weight. And all that running uphill for fucks sake. Who the fuck made these hills so effective for training, I want to know. Stupid sadistic fuckers, that's who.

And if I don't get to even try them, what will I do? If all the plans come tumbling down like the little cards that they are ( remember, I'm not the luckiest duckling in the pond)? Of course, in classic fashion, I have already set up things to do to prevent depression: I'll go to try Matterhorn if Denali falls through. I'll get a dachshund puppy if E tumbles down. I will then promptly leave said puppy to probably go to South America. And do what there? Who the fuck cares? SOUTH AMERICAH!!

And the most important thought of all: how to become skinny and strong by Sunday when the next adelaide bouldering competition will take place? Suggestions welcome. I heard eating air makes one superiorly light but I'm not sure that the air contained between rice grains is what they had in mind.

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