Tuesday, April 30

One picture Tuesday

You elude me still, Master Bates. I have now clocked about 300 attempts on you and I have not gotten further than I did on my first attempt, which is the second last fucking hold. To most people, getting to that hold is the crux of the problem. To me, this is just the beginning. You expand my right wrist, and it goes clickety click and it hurts. But this is not why I fall off you. I fall off you because despite the 300 attempts and two ending sequences absolutely wired out, I have yet to decide between them: heel hook and power through OR step really really high and just reach. Both are problematic because a) I do not have the endurance (yet) to power though and b) I AM AN ELEPHANT, Master Bates.

I must say I hate you. I hate you and I love you at the same time. I hate you because I have yet to spend so much time and energy on any problem in the Grampians. I love you because I'm the reincarnation of Sisyphus.

I google for you and I find other people sending you and I instantly hate them.

(Photo from here)

I watch my friends send you and I do love me but boy do I want to be them. Until next time, Master Bates.

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