Monday, April 22


Oh boy oh boy oh boy!

Another bouldering competition yesterday that truly brought me back to my Singapore years: I did not finish any problem!!!! Even though I came close to the top on many (I have to admit this is not what I experienced in Singapore, where I could not even start some of them), I did not finish anything!! Nothin'!!!

This was an opportunity to get myself severely depressed but on the other hand this was an opportunity to be inspired and get PSYCHED!!! Roar. So which one did I pick? Both really. What this competition tells me is that
a) I'm getting too relaxed. Loosing my edge. Need to get back on the training wagon.
b) There is no way I am ordering the best-tom-yam-cup-noodles-ever-!! online. Actually, there's no way I'm ordering any cup noodles online. Or asking for them to be shipped from Singapore. Or bringing them here for me to nom nom.
c) There is climbing beyond 35! There was this superiorly strong climber who flashed almost all of the guys' routes. He was 47 years old and so smooth and skinny and inspiring!! I want to be him when I'm 47! (read tall, skinny, and strong - two of these are actually achievable!).
d) Need to get some power endurance thrown in the mix! If not for anything but for this: Thailand 2013!!! ROAR!!!

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