Tuesday, April 23

One picture Tuesday

Today I'm technology challenged: no phone, no ipad, no kindle, no nothing!

Students are graduating today and as such I've spent a fair amount of time taking photos with them and their families (!) (I must not be such a bad lecturer if students come to take pictures with me, I guess ..) Two things I noticed: a) the academic dress for master's students is very boring. b) the academic dress for bachelor's students is very boring.

Truly, the only exciting one is the PhD! this did take me back to a year and a half ago when I attended my first graduation ceremony EVAH. It was most exciting. The speech from whomever was our Valedictorian was absolutely pathetic. Me running through the NUS campus in heels because Marian San and Dodo had made me LATE (yes i jumped out of the cab and sprinted for the place). The overall giddiness of it being FINALLY OVER! (It was an absolutely amazing and nourishing - ha! - experience but I wanted to become an adult - oh how I wish I could turn back now!!! The phd period is a goddam holiday!! - so as such I needed it to be over).

I do remember the giddiness of the entire (short) time spent there. Us doing pull-ups on the I.

A random thai pig-out at some ulu place in a condo somewhere (there are no pictures of the food because we polished it!!)

The durian pig-out on another night:
Sigh. I was wondering which team our dress fits best. I always thought it was Griffindor, but the green makes it an obvious Slytherin. Ah well.

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