Wednesday, July 31

Thailand part II - The rest day

Day 3 - Rest day!!

There is nothing to make one feel extremely smug than rain on your rest day! (with the climbing days being crystal clear, that is)

We started the day with a late start (7:45 am) and a very loong breakfast, after which Marian went back to the room to snooze some more, and San and I just sat and watched the waves.

By the time we got going (destination: Ao Nang and its markets!) it was already 10:30 am. The boat left us at Ao Nang pier and we walked around trying to find the perfect cafe in which to plan our Spain trip! Being so distributed requires us to meet in Thailand to plan our trips overseas because we are special that way, yes we are!

After spending four (FOUR) hours in Bernie's cafe and basically stealing their wifi, we took a tuk tuk to one of the Ao Nang markets. Mind you, it was NOT the market where we went five years ago, but, with uncle Pan not there to guide us, we had no bloody idea where to go (uncle pan, this is YOUR fault!)

AND THEN THE MARKET!! It was a muslim thai market but still! Fresh, delicious street food!

Delicious thai fish cakes (THE BEST EVAH!)! Grilled squid!!! Zomg (and this is why I do not loose any weight, ever!)

Bags and bags of fresh chilli!!!


Weird fruit! (btw, what is this fruit? Anybody?)

Fishies!! Fishies! fishies!!

We took the tuk tuk back to Ao Nang and we walked around some more. Walk walk, talk talk, and then the rain started again. Still, the highlight of the day was finding San's chicken drumsticks, finally, after three failed attempts, which included eating a very sweet chicken satay and a not so sweet chicken innards thingy. Behold the drumsticks!! They were delicious!


Anonymous said...

Of course, you conveniently forgot everything about my bbq fish and the trip back in the rain.

claudia said...

I will post about the fish! relax already!

san said...

The barbecued and DEAD fish that swam away... Haha.. Or did it fly away with the help of propulsion? Mystery of the trip.haha..

Anonymous said...

is it be jackfruit?

Anonymous said...

Nope. Jackfruit is quite large, and this one did not smell :)