Thursday, March 26

1400 km

Well, 1400.98 km logged to my iPod to be exact, since April 5th, 2007, in a total about 1 year and a half of running possibilities (1.5 mths in aconcagua, ~2 months in the alps, 2 ankle sprains, 2 after/before marathon tapering periods) . Not bad but not extremely good either. Today's scheduled speed workout turned out to be a fluke. I wanted to do 6 sets of 1 minute sprint (run as fast as I can), 1 minute jog. I don't know if it was the extreme heat (I forgot to say that I was running at 12:32 pm) or my lack of shape, but I could only muster 4 meager sets, with at least two of them me giving up on "running as fast as I can" at about 40s into the 1 minute sprint.

Running in extreme heat has several advantages. First of all, there is absolutely NOBODY on the track so you can run in your sports bra and get a tan! Secondly, you will be much much faster when you run at night because the air will be cooler and you will feel like flying. Of course, there are several drawbacks as well. One would be the fact that you have to squint your eyes to see forward, resulting in quite a dizzying effect. Secondly, as I found out today, you feel like you are running through molasses and hence your progress might be a tad slow. Lastly, when you come back to the lab you might scare random people in the elevator with your super flushed face and very messy hair. The sight of me after today's run is an experience no innocent by-stander should suffer so close after lunch.


dor said...

trying to bake yourself huh claud!

jensen said...

running in extreme heat will obviously result in messy hair. ever wondered how hair curls when it touches fire?

claudia said...

Yeah, doris, it's my extreme weight loss program - how better to lose weight than by slowly simmering in the heat? (if only it worked like that ...)

@jensen: unfortunately I witnessed that on my own (something to do with blowing -again- in a fire to light it up) Hair curls and more importantly, it stinks (like roasted/burnt pig skin if you must know :)) )

Anonymous said...

dun run, climb more.

more finger strength can compensate for butt size.


claudia said...

@2107 - hmm... i would do that, it's just that i'm um ... injured and I cannot climb MORE?!?