Tuesday, March 31

Student feedback

The good:
1. very knowledgable and teaches very clearly
2. nil
3. Gaves us alot of constructive feedback for our project
4. Well prepared, dedicated, goes the extra mile.
5. very helpful
6. Claudia likes to analyse the main points in our tutorials, which makes it much easier for us to grasp the
main concepts of software engineering.
7. Nil
8. Helpful, understanding.
9. clear teaching, very approachable :)
10. co-operative and pleasant
11. Summarises the whole lecture! I learnt more from her in 1 hour than the lecturer in 2 hours! she's
wonderful! Explains what we need to know clearly and she's very nice =p
12. good interaction with the class. gives a summary of the important points after every tutorial questions done.
good at explaining difficult concept.
13. very helpful. she is very good in tutoring.
14. knows the content well explains well
15. Straight forward no nonsense teaching, clear and good.
16. Straight to the point Explains clearly Flexible Friendly ... [blah blah blah]

The bad:
made some bad assumptions about the requirements of the project. [?]

The ugly:
Be less patronizing during project evaluation. It's not funny. *

*It's very funny to me!! Mwuhahahahahaha!!!


dor said...

FRIENDLY? I thought you ate them up hahaha!

heh not bad at all :)

adrian said...

i LoL-ed at the patronizing comment! totally can imagine u doing that wuahaha!

ionuca said...

Awww, that's so nice :) Keep the smiles coming, they seem to like 'em :D

claudia said...

I'll try to improve the next sem with all the smiles and less patronizing ... for this sem it's too late anyhow, only two more weeks or so to go ... Plus to my shame I didn't start so enthusiastic this sem because I only got payed for the previous sem about mid-way through ... petty I know ... Teachers should be motivated no matter what :))