Monday, March 2

Claudia can cook ...

but always with a quirk. Like the time when i did cinnamon rolls with an old, deflated yeast. Or when i didn't know how much cinnamon to buy and i bought five packets and after 3 batches I still have 3 packets. Or when things go right but only for the even versions: like version 2.0, 4.0 of any dish will turn out excellent while versions 1.0, 3.0, 5.0 will be but a pale copy of the others. This week is thai cooking week chez claudia's, so if you don't hear from me or marian for a week please send somebody down to break down the door of our apartment as we are definitely dead from food poisoning.

This weekend started marvelously with a much too sour but very good and extremely spicy (by Marian) tom yam seafood with chicken soup:

Next we had mango sticky rice sans mango (couldn't find any at Fair price) but with bananas and grapes. It's very filling so we shared this portion (and I ate another portion only of sticky rice sans milk or fruits by myself the next day)

Lastly, basil minced chicken sans basil and sans wok (now my kitchen is filled with oil splash spots):

All dishes feature steamed rice sans steamer but nuked in the microwave. [Excuse the poor pictures, we were in great hurry to eat]

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