Wednesday, March 11


Today I finally managed to spray myself with perfume using my index finger! Or otherwise put, I managed to use the perfume spray bottle with my index finger. Woo hoo! I didn't feel any pain, just the weakness and numbness one gets after trying to use a limb that was in a cast for long (I should know, I broke my right hand, TWICE! In adulthood!). I know it sounds kinda lame but it is a great great thing! Anytime soon I will be able to use the face cream bottle as well!

Today also marks the first day of my-run-during-lunch-time-on-alternate-days program (you see, I am running a marathon in 2 months and a half and I haven't trained AT ALL). Today I will run home and back because this morning on the bus i read san's message that said to bring our team singlet to school. TODAY. This is because the phone and I, we just don't click. So in appreciation of this milestone, I will be wearing my pink running shorts so watch out for big fat white girl in very pink and very short shorts leaving the Science building about 1pm today.

Today also marks the first day when I am running two OSs at the same time: MacOS and Ubuntu, woohoo! Below is the picture to prove it. Those two little creatures on the right spend their entire life mocking my work. The furry one even has the audacity to sit on my rock from the summit of Aconcagua and tell me that I could do better things with my life. That is why he has a red collar on, such that I can strangle the sucker every time he oversteps the line marked by the black monitor cable.


dor said...

i want durianssssssssssssssssssssss


claudia said...

so do i, so do i! any suggestions? ! :((