Tuesday, March 17


I passed the "FACE CREAM TEST!" (Did I just say that I passed the face cream test?!) Yup. This Sunday I grabbed my bottle (?) of the pictured face cream, and, swiftly using my right index finger, squeezed about 5cents worth of cream out of it (with my left index finger i can squeeze about 1$ at one go). Yup. Not (that much) pain, actually no pain at all if I recall correctly, just a horrible feeling of weakness. Next proposed test is to be able to make a fully closed fist with my right hand. Which. I. can't.

In other news, this weekend is packed with action from Boulderactive (alas, not taking part), which means that everything else (running, project elephant, and more importantly, WORK!!) will be put on hold. I hope it will be worth it as I know (and hope) this is my second last boulderactive ever (hopefully graduating by next year and going to live in France for everybody in singapore to come and visit, woo hoo!) This year I am setting routes for intermediate women and yet again, whistle blowing. I guess it takes a certain type (good lungs too!) to do a mindless, 3 mim repetitive action for 3 days in a row!

Pfft. Just thinking. For the amount of injuries that I have sustained, you would think that I am at least a world class climber by now. This just goes to show that will power sans talent can take you only so far.

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dor said...

after you are able to clench your fist, you will attempt to use it to massage my back. good no? :D