Thursday, September 3

Tough love

Strike 1: Last night, before training. Somebody approaches from behind and slams a super slap, the mother of all slaps, on my neck. Was wearing a singlet and thus I had no protection. I had instant tears in my eyes. Doris yells from behind, just as I was thinking that only Doris would miss such a shot: "IT'S NOT ME!!" I turn around slowly still trying to contain my tears. It's Sandra. Apparently not only Doris can miss such a shot :)) Sandra, beware!

Strike 2: Last night, during training. Doris throws a climbing shoe at me (sorry, I can't remember why) which hits me right smack in the middle of my left boob. Amazingly though, for such a small target. Memories when i was last hit in that area (when I was 8, maybe?!) start coming back to me.

Strike 3: Well, thank god there wasn't a third strike, because I was close to snapping point by then. I know on the outside it sounds like I'm being abused, but I seriously think that this is the way they express their love. It's either that or i've been too soft lately, which only means that's it's time for an attitude change. The next one to angry me will end up in the bushes in front of the gym. ROAR!


dor said...

I knew you would think that the first person is me lor. I'm good that way! most apologetic abt the boob incident! didnt mean for that to happen, seriously!

and yea... XOXOXOXOXO, sending you my virtual hugs and kisses hahahaha

claudia said...

I know you didn't mean to, dun worry! It would take sniper precision to get it intentionally :))

san said... know i love you...