Thursday, March 28

Conversation in the cat-hedral

--get it?!

Anyway, Suzie is a very, very vocal cat.

"MMMeow!" Says she at the door.
"Yes darling? No, you can't go outside."
"MMMeow!" [you puny earthling, unleash me in the garden! I need to pounce!]
"Yes, you beautiful beautiful girl! "
"Mreow!" [I will agree with you on this point, but I need to pounce! Pounce! Open the gates! Open the gates!]

"Meeew! Meew! Meew!"
"Who's my little crocodile? Who's my beast? Yeah, beast!"
" Meew! Meew! Meew!" [ROAR! ROAR!]

"What are you? Crocodile or alligator? Crocodile? "
"purr... purr... purr" [Clearly your limited intellect has lead you to this ontological dilemma: more complicated logic, inaccessible to you, can easily solve this. I'm part crocodile, part alligator. I'll show you.]
Scratch, scratch, bite, bite. Meow.

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