Thursday, March 7

Realization. Part 245.

I'm bad at math. Well, not quite. But yes. I'm bad at math.  Or maybe I'm not as good as I want myself to be.

Six foot track marathon has a 7 hour cut-off time. I did this calculation while I was running up Blackhill, so probably  my brain was not getting enough oxygen.

Right. So, a 7 hour cut-off time for 45 km means

7 x 60 / 45 = 6 min/km

So then this was stuck in my head: I have to achieve 6 min/km or less for every one of the 45 km in the uphill/downhill rollercoaster that is Six foot in order to finish under the cut-off time.

And I bashed myself and I threw myself at those hills in order to achieve something even remotely close to 6 min/km. Needless to say, this did not get me very far distancewise, because if you really try to run Blackhill in under 6 minutes/km you stand a very good chance to kill yourself. And I was depressed and didn't talk much about it and basically prayed that the whole thing might get cancelled. It won't by the way. It's ONZ!

My last run on Monday was Chambers Gully, and as I was heading up the premotherfucker slope and was redo-ing all this complex math in my head ...


and pulled out the iPhone.

7 x 60 = 420 min

420 min/45 km = 9 minutes 20 seconds/km

Aha! As such, I will go in this race without having crossed 24 km in the last 3 months, but with very good uphill training and good recovery times. Also, a severely bad ankle, but more about this some other time. Fingers crossed.

I just hope I don't get injured, or worse, get pulled off the track because I don't have a chance in hell to finish it.  My BIB number is an even number :(


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pfffft....computing professor

claudia said...

computing is with computers Jensen!! At least that's what I tell myself!