Sunday, March 17

How to spend your Sunday at work

... ideally, mostly working, but also, daydreaming about dogs. Dogs of the future that is, because right now the only dog in our household is this:

1. Both Marian and I want a Beagle.

2. I also want a dachshund, mostly because, well, Dachshund! How can one resist these beady eyes?

3. But what I really like and I feel most comfortable with are big dogs. And when I say big dogs, I mean really big dogs.
Like this:

Or this:

However, neither breeds are available for sale in Australia, so I have settled on this: The Pyrenean Shepherd Dog:

Goggies of the future, I salute you!


Vic said...

Somebody said big, smart, lovely dog?
Here I am:

claudia said...

@Vic: YES! But if one were to go for a collie why not a border collie?

Vic said...

Uhm. Don't get me wrong, I woove border collies. But they are a different kind of beast - they require much more space and need to spend much more energy. Fabulous animal, but not really suited for the role of a house pet.
Now, if you have enough yard and time to run them to exertion, by all means - go Border Collie!