Saturday, March 2

Suck it up, buttercup!

I thought that 2012 was the year where I hit my rock bottom sportswise but it seems I have set a lower one this year. I have just given the CoolRunning forum about the weather in the Blue Mountains what seems to be the 30th refresh*. This whole whining and winging and complaining may be just a defence mechanism (after all, it did get cancelled last year and that did depress me) or a way of getting out of something that I didn't train for, but after all I will get to experience the Blue Mountains and get to run in some cool weather for a change.

As such, I've decided to suck it up and just run it for as long as I can, and then, if I can't, just come back home and pretend I saved somebody's life and thus did not finish in time. Or something. Off any carbs starting with tomorrow until Wednesday, and then mid-day wednesday the carbs are on again! Whee!

* I do not use any readers to inform me when new things are put up on blogs/forums etc. All my reads are manual if and when I do remember to read blogs (which is very often, sadly: I refresh dodo's and other people's blog once a day), I am very disappointed when there are no updates (Ionuca, I'm looking at you!)


ionuca said...

I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you! No matter how far you'll go (and I know you can finish it), the most important thing is that you're woman enough to take part ;)

(Promise I'll try to write more often!)

claudia said...

Roar! Actually, I am curious about the number of women registerting for these kinds of things. Yes, please write moar!!