Monday, March 25

V3! Crush!

Our V3! Crush! went well. It went REALLY  well because  we crushed and were crushed in turn. Crushed, crushed, crushed!

I will spare you the laundry list of the sends but suffice to say that between the three of us we did
  • four V0s
  • thirteen V1s
  • four V2s
  • four V3s
  • two V5s
I found that despite my physique I am much better at face, crimpy climbs than I am at roofy, overhanging climbs, which only goes to show that these guns I am sporting are FOR NOTHIN'! If the pictures D took of me sending one of the V5s (it was only a repeat, mind you) actually make me look good, I will post some.

Next weekend we (and probably half of Melbourne) will be in Arapiles, which will either teach me how to trad climb, or kill us. We'll see.


san said...

I miss climbing on real rock! jealous yo!! Haha.. One day we shall have a rock trip again.. ONE DAY.............

claudia said...