Wednesday, July 3

A cause for divorce

In our last Grampians trip, Marian sent his third V3 and New Years resolution, a problem called Lygon street massacre. He asked me to film him, as in his first attempt of the day he felt very good about it.

Take 1. He starts, gets past the crux and in the "omfg I don't want to fall here" section of the route. I stop the film and go spot him. I tell him as he comes down that I have failed, so he decides to do it again.

Take 2. He climbs it again but because of angle and tree-in-the-way issues, he decides to do it again.

Take 3. He climbs the route beautifully but the phone goes into hibernate. It's a new iOS version so I fumble with the controls and do not record half the climb.

Take 4. He starts the climb again, but is shaky, his foot slips and he bangs his knee on the wall. He's rolling on the mat in extreme pain, while I'm rolling on the ground pissing myself in laughter. Apparently my laughing does not have the desired effect and he gets really really angry. I find that terribly funny and continue to laugh. He is not happy!

Take 5. He climbs the route a fourth time, all shaky and angry, but this time, of course, I record it for posterity. Thank fuck he sent it, otherwise I think I would have done the stupid thing and laugh some more and then ... disaster!

If you've missed it, here he is on Lygon Street Massacre, V3, Grampians. I am only responsible for the bad shooting, not for the bad music.

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ionuca said...

Yay for Marian!

Have lots of fun on your awesome rock climbing trip!!!