Wednesday, July 24

Flashing Jai Dum in style

The way to flash Jai Dum is this.

You get off the long tail boat in Tonsai, in front of the Andaman Cafe, and ensure that everybody is watching you as you struggle to get your roller (which is pink in color maybe?) off the long tail boat and rolling on the beach. It can't really roll, because it's on a beach!

In your other hand you carry a hand-held fan that you use from time to time to get the hair out of your eyes and the mosquitos away from your skin. You're wearing high heeled slippers with big fluffy pompons.

Your t-shirt says "I heart NY", which in some cases may classify you as non-american, which is good or bad depending on who is at the cafe. Either way, by now the climbers at the cafe have already classified you as either a clueless tourist on the wrong beach (such a noob mistake!) or a cheapskate polluting their beautiful place (go away!).

You struggle to make progress on the beach: carrying your obviously heavy roller and the fan in those slippers is not an easy task!! Things get interesting for the people at the cafe when you ask them if they can show you Lion King, which they do, giving you puzzled looks. You do the counting, struggle to go to the base of the wall (the roller's wheels are clogged with sand and no longer turn), take out gear from your roller, put it on, ask for a belay and then FLASH! Jai Dum, 8b (31), and enter into history.

-- somehow this day dream seems more appealing to me than acting like a climber, sounding like a climber, looking like a climber, and not being able to get to the first clip of a route.

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