Monday, July 29

Not the Thailand post I was hoping to write

Today was my first lecture of the semester. One of the slides that I give to students is the "this is why sometimes (mostly when I'm tired) my accent is so weird" slide. And I ask them about where Romania is located, and where Singapore is located, etc. Sometimes, if I've just come from climbing (because what else does one do right before their first lecture but go exhaust themselves to ensure maximum performance on Monday at 9 am?!!!) , I talk about its mountains and about how beautiful they are.

I didn't talk about them today mainly because I miss them dearly and my friend's exploits on our old climbing grounds ARE NOT HELPING!!

But I find myself googling and looking at old pictures and grinning at the irony of it all: having seen so much of this world (not enough btw!!) and so little of one's home turf.

And while I have somewhat explored this mountain:

In many ways, including the above and the below

And all of the mountains around here (Because hell yeah, check out those rock faces!), both in winter and in summer (but mostly in winter because i'm a masochist)

I have yet to see the ones below. And there are many many more that I have not seen. I guess, rather than get mildly depressed as the mood really pushes me to, I could just treat this as yet another list of places I need to see:

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