Sunday, July 7

Very important decisions

Because you cannot go even on a five day holiday without making sure that you have adequate reading materials, and because we know about the kindle's issue with indexing , I have been using my spare cycles for the past few days to think about what books to put on the kindle. They must be holiday books but also interesting books. Books to read on a beach waiting for the sunset but also books to read  in the morning before everybody WAKES UP already!!!

Me: "San, what books should I put on the kindle!!!!??!!!!! For the trip?!" 
San: "I don't know.. All?"
Me: "Cannot!"
San: "It's a climbing trip, not a reading club"
So finally, with no help from my friends, I have settled on twenty (TAHWENTY!) books from which I will choose something depending on my mood:

  1. - man in the high castle
  2. - american gods
  3. - the dispossessed
  4. - kraken
  5. - iron council 
  6. - dirk gently's holistic ...
  7. - the city and the city
  8. - wise man's fear
  9. - and the mountains echoed
  10. - the fortress of solitude
  11. - infinite jest
  12. - bloodsucking fiends (christopher moore - got this by googling funniest books list - we'll see where this gets me: either laughing like mad on a beach in Thailand or throwing my kindle overboard in anger: you never know with "funny" books)
  13. - a dirty job (same as above)
  14. - hard boiled wonderland
  15. - brief wondrous life of oscar ..
  16. - never let me go 
  17. - mountaineering the freedom of the hills
  18. - blood rites
  19. - breakfast of champions
  20. - name of the wind

Now of course, having just spent twenty minutes typing this, two hours searching for some of these titles, and ten minutes pestering my friends, I'll probably end up just reading the guide book. Snort.


ionuca said...

OOOOH, A Dirty Job is so bloody funny! And I just read the translation - I can only imagine how incredible it sounds in English!

Still - listen to San: rather climb than read :)

Anyways, have an amazing trip! I can hardly wait for the piiiiics!

Anonymous said...

Haha.. Did I say that???

Anyway, you can join notes reading club. After we watch superman/rome/game of thrones everynight.. Lol

Btw, I'm bringing THAT guidebook! Omg.. Hope it didn't become mouldy from lack of use or smthg..

Cya tmr!!