Tuesday, July 2

One picture Tuesday

Ah well. I have not lost weight, nor have I increased my endurance, but this DOES NOT CHANGE the fact that one week from now we will (eventually) be here:

Skies will be blue (I hope!) and the sea will be green (I don't care) and the limestone will be beautiful (I CARE!)

I am fatter than I have ever been in my climbing life and I KNOW we will get trashed by the walls, so probably Lion King is not in the books this year

(especially since San has already sent it so there's no incentive for her to put up my draws cough cough)

And I also know that we will be emo and thoughtful, but hey! rest   pigout day in Ao Nang! Chillax on the beach! Climb till we can't open our fingers ROAR!!!!  San!! First day, we climb at 8am ok?!

Sigh. I need a holiday.

And for the reference, here's Jensen on Lion King (Jensen, you're the second hit on youtube!)


san said...

Yes. We can climb at 8am. Provided we're awake. Ha. And memorise jensen's beta! The hard part is the 2nd to 3rd clip. After that is mega jugs. Yes, I can put up the clips.. But I'm sure you'd fare better at it than I would. :)

Anonymous said...

trust your foothold, miss solutions. - jensen

claudia said...

solution smolution. it looks pumpy!

Anonymous said...

it's actually not pumpy. i was really bad at endurance then. a bit better now.