Thursday, January 29

Finally celebrating

Chinese new year, that is. After really really trying to go to the Sentosa Flower Show but being turned back either by my ankle or by the huge mass of peoples going to it as well, on Monday Marian and I finally set foot on Sentosa. Still, A LOT of people there, but nevertheless the flowers were pwetty. Below a few pictures of pwetty flowers ... And then some more text ...

Yesterday's mock comp was Badd .... i tried to climb and on one route did quite a good effort but on the rest my attempts were half-hearted. On the first route i couldn't even step my right leg so i had to hook which was even worse. Ah well... shit.

Doris gave me a get fat Chinese New Year pack and I am loving it! I always enjoy biting into something and not knowing what it is or what it would taste like. And to my surprise, I even found figs! in one of the parcels. Figs! I mean, who would've thought figs would find their way as a cny treat!

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